01 May 2012

onthelookout Spring 2012!

[It's finally here...]

Many of you may know that I've been working on my own, handmade jewelry line for the past six months... So, I wanted to finally (officially) introduce everyone to onthelookout jewelry!

I began creating my own line of quality, handmade accessories several months ago: abstract geometric patterns and vibrant symbols; Native American and African-inspired designs made with richly colored beadwork, gemstones, leather and brass; playful expressions that incorporate a contemporary, tribal and ethnic flair. I've always enjoyed making things and starting a creative business where I have full control has been insanely rewarding - and terrifying! I've put my whole heart into everything you see here (and a lot you don't want to see) and this process has truly helped me develop my passion for creativity and construction.

So, 'I'm making jewelry now...' But, how did I come up with the name onthelookout? Well, to me, onthelookout means always being open enough to see the beauty that lies within the everyday; it means welcoming possibilities even when they come disguised as seemingly insurmountable challenges. Launching an accessories line was something that I never thought I could actually accomplish and be proud of. But, I've found that when your eyes and your heart are open enough, you will see a universe that is willing to help you MAKE IT HAPPEN.  I named my company such that I am always reminded to stay onthelookout for the 'silent draw and gentle pull of what I really love to do, as it will not lead me astray.'

I certainly encourage you to do the same.  And I hope you enjoy the jewelry while you're at it!

Much thanks to EVERYONE for their help and guidance.  I am here today, beaming, proud and taking a leap because of your phenomenal support :)


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