06 May 2011

the freshest

be still my heart...seriously, when this image finally loaded only my screen in all it's glory, i think my heart actually stopped. those...shoes...are PHENOM.

back in the day, about two and a half years ago, i had a mild addiction to sneakers.  a medium addiction.  luckily i had a few credit cards, so said shoes were eventually delivered to my door, 3-7 days later.  sadly, my excitement usually came in the form of finding/displaying fresh pairs, whilst rarely actually wearing them.  i don't know if it was the 25-year old me lacking confidence or the fact that i was afraid to get them dirty or what.  but i didn't do any of my pairs justice and eventually i sold them all to a resale shop (yesterday).

anyway, i can feel an intense desire to begin to pay tribute to sweet sneakers once owned, by starting up a new kicks collection with these all day i dream about soccer pair. and since i no longer care what people think about me you might actually see these pieces of art (yes, i said art) on my smartwool covered feet.

kicks swiped from urbansophistcate ::: via franchesca

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