10 January 2011

flock together

i'm a big fan of feathers and other bird things.  i enjoy little birdies because they can fly, come in so many different colors, can spot a meal from the sky, make beautiful noise and (mostly) because they are descendants of the dinosaurs.  and have you ever held a baby chick?  it's freaking awesome.  this post (you'll have to scroll down about 1/2 way) even has me thinking i'd like to have a little family of hens in my backyard...

BUT, certain city ordinances (and boyfriends) prevent me from living the urban farmer's dream, for the time being.  and probably for good reason.  so until i become a vigilante farmer, the lovelies below (all from talented etsy kids) will have to tide me over. 

1/ indoor garden by miles of light
3/ wimbledon necklace by miju and you
5/ feather throw pillow by elkhorn design
7/ stunning feather earrings by still tree jewellery
8/ medium feather necklace by supernova designs
9/ feather print headdress tee by pretty raccoon's shop
10/ feather leather head band by thief and bandit
11/ black and white chicken print by united threads

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